About Me

Well, so far, there’s not too much to say about me. Currently, I’m a freshman at the University of New England. And for the past thirteen years, I’ve been a student. In high school, I took great interest in the creative arts. I took multiple English classes; women’s literature and creative writing to name a few, as well as many music classes.

Music has always been my favorite thing, a way to lose myself with control. Throughout my school years, I learned how to play the violin, flute, alto saxophone, guitar, and piano. Currently, I can still remember how to play three of those instruments.

Besides being able to play several instruments, I like to consider myself a singer. Though I’m not very good, it’s a way to express myself and to relate to other people. Some of my favorites to sing, or play, included songs like This is Gospel by Panic! at The Disco, DNA by BTS (a Korean boy band), Easier by 5 Seconds of Summer, and other songs from numerous different genres. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring my guitar up to school with me that way I can continue to learn new songs and master old ones.

Mohammed Metri

As well as being in love with music, I’m also an unathletic athlete. From the age of five to my freshman year of high school, I played soccer for the town team, tried out basketball for a year or so, and almost took up swimming- but then I remembered that I can only swim for survival. In the past few years, I’ve played slow-pitch softball for the town and I hope to play softball for the university. Who knows, maybe I’ll try dance or rugby- the world is full of possibilities.

“I dwell in possibility…”

Emily Dickinson