Recursive Writing Sheet

During the writing process, I like to start with just reading through articles and underlining what I find the most interesting. After the initial reading, I like to reread the articles to put quotation marks around anything that may help clarify my main ideas in my paper. When it comes to the actual writing portion of the process, I like to start by pulling quotes to write them down and connect with some possible ideas. After this step, I create my thesis and narrow down the quotes to the ones that support my ideas the most. After figuring out the quotes, I then outline my main ideas, a few introductory sentences, a conclusion paragraph, and list the quotes under the idea that relates to the quote. After outlining, I write whenever I have the motivation and inspiration to support my thoughts. If I don’t feel like writing, I don’t push myself because I know it won’t be quality work. After I receive my peer review comments, I go through and accept the ones that make the most sense and don’t change my style of writing. After that, I just look for places that don’t make sense or places where I could add more detail.