Multimodal Statement

November 10, 2019

My first element of the multimodal portion is a video about one person’s use of art to help visualize and reflect on their anxiety ( I chose this video over a few others that I liked because this shows the whole process of how art can be used to calm the mind and body during an anxious time. This video helps to achieve my goal of explaining the importance of art and science to help teenage anxiety levels because it perfectly demonstrates the use of art in coping with anxiety, just like how in one of my paragraphs I explain that art therapy is a great way to express anxiety in a non harmful way. 

My second element of the multimodal portion is a graph depicting the increase of pediatric patients diagnosed with anxiety over the past five years (2013-2017 I chose this graph because it clearly demonstrates the rise of anxiety in patients younger than eighteen over the past few years, adding on to my point that teens are more anxious than they ever have been. 

My third element of the multimodal portion is another video about a girl’s journey with art therapy ( In this video, this girl talks about how she became very depressed in high school and how she had a very difficult time with traditional therapy. Through art therapy, she was able to open up and share what was going on in her mind. This video will help emphasize the importance of art in the treatment of mental illness, even though this paper is about teenage anxiety. Because this video shares how art therapy can change a person’s quality of life, I think it’s a great example to use.