Learning Outcomes 5 and 6

In my chosen writing project, I can show off my correct use of MLA guidelines when it comes to citing sources and making local revisions to the typical errors I make. Throughout this essay, I cite authors both in-text and refer to them without the use of direct quotes. In the introduction paragraph, I introduce each author and which article they wrote. Later on, I quoted Kullar both directly and indirectly. In my reference list, I correctly cited each author and their articles in alphabetical order with the titles, publishers, and all other important information in the citations. In this paper, I have noticed that I had the biggest issue with the placement of parenthesis after a quote. Though it’s a minor issue that I now know how to fix, I had some trouble in this first paper. Looking at this paper, I don’t see too many issues with MLA guidelines and local revision- which is surprising because I usually read and write too fast for me to be able to understand what I’m reading or writing.