Learning Outcome 2

Review your final draft of the chosen Significant Writing Project as you prepare to write a section of your statement titled Learning Outcome 2. In that section, explain the ways you used sources as evidence in the paper, including at least one specific example that demonstrates your ability to select, integrate, and explain quotations (about 200-450 words). You will likely draw from the ways your class has discussed the practice of integrating your ideas with others. Revisit your early efforts at integrating your ideas with evidence to help you think (and write) about your development.

Throughout the final draft of the chosen Significant Writing Project, I use multiple quotes from a couple of authors. In my first body paragraph, I used a quote from Dhruv Kullar that fits the argument of the paragraph perfectly. Besides supporting my main point, the quote is integrated using correct MLA formatting and flows into the next sentence very well. The same thing goes for the quotes in the next two paragraphs. Both of them support the main ideas behind the paragraphs and are correctly integrated with MLA formatting.

Along with being able to correctly select, integrate, and explain quotes, I think the quotes I chose work very well with my own writing. In my second paragraph, I use a longer quote from Kullar that talks about the integration of medicine and military metaphors. This quote is perfect for this paragraph because I am talking about how when discussing cancer with a patient, lots of people say “you can fight this” but you cannot fight disease, only treat it with medicine and different types of therapies.

Another great quote I have is in the fifth paragraph, where I talk about how metaphors can change our view on situations based on how intertwined they are with our lives. “The metaphorical truth interferes with our ability to identify it as literally false. Metaphor matters because it’s around us every day, all the time. metaphors matter because it creates expectation”. This quote was a great choice for the idea in this paragraph because it explains my thoughts in another person’s words.